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Turnstile T-Y02

The company has modern production facilities, testing equipment, complete machine test stations, and complete hardware and software facilities. The self-service ticket vending machines, cash registers, and ticket gates produced and sold by the company have the characteristics of stable performance, low heat generation, low error rate, high efficiency, and no paper jams. They are ideal ticketing, ticketing, catering and payment collection equipment. The company has obtained the China National Compulsory Production Certification 3C certification and the national self-service ticket vending machine inspection certificate.

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It is a member of the Guangdong Film Industry Association and a member of the China Film Distribution and Projection Association. Our company also actively communicates and discusses with peers and associations, and participates in various film forum summits. Participate in national and worldwide product exhibitions to let customers know more about our products and services

Fire protection requirements for the installation of turnstiles in theaters:

1. The installed gate must have the function of automatically opening the gate after power failure. The purpose is to automatically open the gate after a power outage in a shopping mall or movie theater to facilitate the evacuation of customers.

2. The channel distance between the gate channels must be greater than 500mm to facilitate the passage of personnel.

3. The gate must have manual and automatic switching functions. It is convenient to open the gate manually in emergencies.

4. The gate must have a device that can be connected to the fire-fighting signal line. Once the fire signal alarms, the gate can be opened automatically.

5. Places such as theaters or shopping malls where the turnstiles are installed must have emergency fire exits. Facilitate evacuation.


Turnstile T-Y02

Turnstile T-Y02

Configuration listRemark
Box L1400*W220*H1105mm304# stainless steel wire drawing
Motor + movementServo motor
Swing door + side panel (acrylic)Optional silk screen for swing door
Gate control module (main control board, auxiliary control board)
Power module of turnstile (leakage circuit breaker, battery, switching power supply)
Gate voice module (customized voice module, relay, speaker)
Turnstile accessories (infrared probe, light board, wire)
Industrial control motherboard (motherboard, memory, hard disk)
7 inch displayOptional installation
QR code scannerOptional installation

Turnstile T-Y02

Turnstile T-Y02

Product parameter

Chassis design: adopts ergonomic design, the appearance design is novel and generous and beautiful, reflecting the humanized design; on the basis of standardized design, the box body is produced by computer numerical control laser cutting and opening, and it can be completed in one time.

Type technology, mechanized wire drawing process, modular docking, easy assembly and disassembly and maintenance, and high degree of interchangeability.

Chassis material: 304# high-bright stainless steel/frame structure.

Swing door/side panel material: high-grade acrylic material (silk printing is optional).

Channel width: 600mm.

Net weight of turnstile: 70kg/set for single machine, 80kg/set for double machine.

Swing door drive angle: two-way ±90° swing.

Traffic mode: one-way or two-way.

Power input: AC±220V±10%, 50HZ.

Power output: power supply module DC5V, 12V, 24V.

Drive mode: DC servo deceleration motor drive.

Each power: standby power 50W, full load power 160W.

Service life: continuous rotation more than 5 million times.

Signal source input interface: dry contact number; TCP/IP communication interface; 2 punch-in signals (passive); TTL level signal; 1 fire-fighting signal port.

Opening speed: 0.5-60 seconds.

Response time: <0.2 seconds.

Passing speed: 30-40 people/minute.

Working environment: indoor and outdoor (shadow).

Temperature: -30℃--60℃.

Relative humidity: ≦90%, no condensation.

Gate machine composition: box body; movement; frame; drive board; infrared beam; servo motor; power module

Product functions and features

7 major features:

1. Manual emergency: accidentally encounter power outages or failures, you can automatically or manually open and close the gates, and temporarily change to manual ticket checking. The gate has the function of automatically opening the gate when the power is cut off, and the function of manually closing the gate.

2 . Fire emergency alarm: When encountering a fire alarm signal or a mall fire alarm signal, the gate will automatically give an emergency alarm and open. Quickly dredge the flow of people.

3. Voice and screen prompt: According to the two-dimensional code information of the movie ticket, the display screen prompts the two-dimensional code data: valid ticket or invalid ticket. Or it is not time to check the ticket, and the information will be broadcasted by voice at the same time to remind the customer.

4. Intelligent anti-pinch: up to 16 infrared probes, at any time to determine the situation of customers in and out, intelligent induction, to prevent pinching and trailing.

5. Strong scalability: optional membership card reading function and face recognition function. Improve the distinguished experience of customers.

6. Professional servo motor with resistance return and advanced anti-collision function. Long life and stable function.

7. Automatic power on and off: the theater sets the time for automatic power on and off. Need to add modules.

The quick-pass door opens and closes the door quickly, and the speed of a single door opening or closing can reach 0.5~15S, which effectively improves the passage speed. The traffic speed can also be set online according to needs, and can be adjusted faster or slower appropriately.

♦Anti-collision function: It is at the leading level in the industry. It adopts servo motor, has resistance return and advanced anti-collision function. The gate works in the normally open state. When someone or an object accidentally hits the swing door, the swing door will automatically avoid it.

One angle, and automatically reset immediately to prevent damage to the swing door and movement, and accidental injury to passers-by.

♦When the motor is about to arrive in place, it will automatically decelerate and stop slowly. The entire system runs smoothly, with low noise and no mechanical impact. The swing door drive is composed of a special three-dimensional cylindrical mechanical structure, a built-in geared motor and a control system. The rotation of the motor and the positioning of the swing door are detected by high-precision photoelectric elements, and the high-end 32-bit microprocessor-based electrical control system makes the motor rotation more stable, and the overall operation and control performance are more reliable.

♦Fault self-checking and alarm prompt function: through codes, the fault phenomenon is displayed intuitively. If a pair of infrared rays are not aligned, the digital tube directly displays the fault, which is convenient for users to maintain and use.

♦Support multi-channel opening signal input (the opening signal can be input by access control, button, remote control or other equipment signals), electromagnetic remote control mode or background remote controller can be customized according to requirements during work: the equipment can provide normally open or normally closed interfaces ; With the automatic opening function of the swing door after power failure, it can meet the needs of fire escapes.

♦A variety of working modes are available: ①Two-way scanning code/card entry and exit; ②One-way scanning code/card entry, but no release; ③One-way scanning code/card entry, infrared induction exit; ④Fire pass .

♦Extensible logic judgment function: (some traditional devices are relatively simple in infrared judgment, and cannot judge the direction and position of pedestrians), which accurately compensates for the misjudgment caused by pedestrians throwing hands, luggage, etc., and has anti- Trailing, anti-passback and other functions.

It has a clear passage indication function (the side displays corresponding traffic light indications according to different working modes), and guides its pedestrians in an intuitive way.

♦With automatic reset function. After scanning the code/reading card, if the passer does not pass within the specified time, the system will automatically cancel the passer's current pass permission, and the restricted pass can be set by the administrator.

♦To prevent illegal passage in the reverse direction, after swiping the card to effectively swing the door and opening the door, if someone passes in the reverse direction, the sound and light alarm will prompt immediately.

♦With forced entry alarm, that is, when there is no legal signal to enter the gate area, the pedestrian will forcibly enter the gate area and the alarm "Please scan the code outside the yellow line"; or when the swing door is closing, the infrared near the swing door If there is a signal, it will alarm, and in order to protect the safety of pedestrians, the swing door will open automatically.

♦Anti-following pass function: anti-glare and anti-electromagnetic interference infrared sensor, anti-tailing alarm, powerful anti-following data analysis ability, can effectively judge whether there is an unauthorized person trailing when passing; infrared detector detects the passing status of pedestrians and detects When the trailing phenomenon is reached, the system will automatically alarm and close the door wing; the minimum distance is 5cm-10cm to identify the trailing person.

♦With infrared sensor and mechanical double anti-pinch function:

1. When the swing door detects that someone or an object is blocking it in the door-closing area, the swing door will not close, and the closing action will not start until the person leaves.

2. If the swing door is trailing or forced to punch the card during the closing process, the swing door will be forced to bounce immediately to prevent people from being pinched, and the audible and visual alarm will be given continuously until the person leaves the passage, the swing door will automatically reset and be normal jobs.

Product Case

Turnstile T-Y02

Turnstile T-Y02