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CineAsia cinema equipment exhibition in Bangkok, Thailand 

December 09, 2023

At the CineAsia Cinema Equipment Exhibition in Bangkok, Thailand, AWAKENTEC showcased its industry-leading position and cutting-edge technology. As a frontrunner in the cinema self-service sector, AWAKENTEC focuses on manufacturing self-service ticketing machines, POS payment machines, and fast verification gate machines, aiming to automate the entire cinema ticket purchase, retrieval, and verification processes.


During the exhibition, AWAKENTEC highlighted its latest product – the desktop self-service ticketing machine, offering a more convenient and efficient solution for cinemas. With the increasing global demand for self-service post-pandemic, AWAKENTEC's desktop self-service ticketing machine has garnered attention for its advanced technology and convenience.

The key features of AWAKENTEC's desktop self-service ticketing machine lie in its intelligent design and high user-friendliness. Users can effortlessly complete movie ticket purchases through simple operations, eliminating the need for manual assistance and significantly enhancing ticketing efficiency. Additionally, the machine adopts advanced payment technology, supporting multiple payment methods to provide audiences with more flexible payment options.

Company representatives expressed that this desktop self-service ticketing machine is not only a response to the new normal brought about by the pandemic but also AWAKENTEC's innovation and commitment to the future of cinema services. The company has consistently devoted itself to enhancing cinema operational efficiency and providing a superior movie-watching experience through technological innovation.

During the exhibition, AWAKENTEC's booth attracted numerous attendees and industry professionals who stopped to observe and experience the company's self-service ticketing machine. Participants praised AWAKENTEC for its technological leadership and product innovation, recognizing it as a standout player in the cinema self-service sector.

By showcasing the desktop self-service ticketing machine at the CineAsia Cinema Equipment Exhibition, AWAKENTEC once again demonstrated its leading position in cinema equipment and provided global cinema operators with a more advanced and convenient solution, injecting new vitality into the future of the cinema industry.